Experience, professionalism and attention to detail
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A great experience handed down
from generation to generation…


In 1969 Liana Ottorino founded the first carpentry company in the municipality of Marcon (Venice The type of workmanship was very eclectic even at that time, and gates, gratings, railings and door and window frames with iron profiles could be made, i.e. everything that the private individual or small construction company normally required.


In 2001 there was a generational change with the son Tiziano taking over the management of the company. Tiziano decided to make the first changes: he purchased new state-of-the-art machinery that allowed him to increase production and diversify his work. The technological growth he adopted led to an improvement in the quality of the product, with a consequent increase in customers, and still managed to maintain the tradition and the path created by the founder Ottorino Liana.

As a result, the company began to extend its offer to customers with the production of load-bearing structures for the building industry, with the creation of shop windows for shops and shopping centres, and with the creation of metal structures for museum displays.

This has allowed Liana to take part in many of the most renowned events in the world, and to collaborate with the Biennale and the Venice Film Festival, with the Jewish Museum in Rome, and with many other clients for whom prestigious and customized works have been realized.


In 2007, the company was transformed into “Liana Carpenteria S.r.l.” and continues to this day, reserving a large part of its work for the construction and exhibition market. Today the company structure allows maximum flexibility and this is considered a strong point of the organization in order to better manage the needs and at the same time the difficulties of the market. This is what diversifies and makes unique Liana Carpenteria


In 2017, the purchase of new headquarters and the investment in further new machinery, more sophisticated and cutting-edge, allowed Liana Carpenteria to support the expansion of creative and technical production of tailor-made projects on demand, which have always characterized it.


In 2022 Liana opened its horizons towards a niche production of furnishing complements and related items, availing itself of the collaboration of the multifaceted and eclectic artist Riccardo Gatti, whose works also boast an exhibition at the Venice Biennale. This collaboration sees the union of craftsmanship with art in the creation of unique works.


They certify and guarantee the safety of our work

In accordance with the international standard UNI EN 1090-1 “Execution of steel and aluminium structures – Requirements for the conformity assessment of structural components” and specifically the standard UNI EN 1090-2 “Execution of steel and aluminium structures – Technical requirements for steel structures”.


Manufacture of steel components to internal and/or customer specification.
Performance class EXC3

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