Our experience in staircases allows us to create unique and unrepeatable furnishing objects…

Each of our staircases is designed, developed and made to measure for a specific space and a specific location, without any constraints linked to serial production.

Staircases with a particular structure that well combine architectural and material research with the environment in which they will be placed.

For the private individual, for the company, based on the design of the most demanding designer, our company is able to offer great flexibility, expertise and a guarantee in the realization of this artefact.

No serial work, but something that is hard to find nowadays. Handicraft work combined with advanced technology, creativity and the ability to solve even the smallest problem… to always achieve excellent results!.


Galvanized steel helical staircase

We have manufactured a helical galvanized steel staircase, tailored to the customer’s needs.

The ladder was manufactured in accordance with current safety regulations.

The structure is made of double sheet metal, with sound insulation on the inside. The steps are made of double sheet metal, with built-in acoustic insulation.

The staircase was assembled on site with welds, to ensure greater safety and stability.

The staircase has been painted with a rustproof varnish to ensure durability.



Design approach

The design of the staircase was developed in collaboration with the client. The objective was to create a staircase that would meet the following requirements:

  • Safety. The staircase had to be manufactured in accordance with current safety regulations to ensure the protection of people.
  • Sound insulation. The staircase had to be acoustically insulated to ensure a comfortable environment.
  • Accessibility. The staircase had to be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.
  • Aesthetics. The staircase had to be aesthetically pleasing, to blend harmoniously with its surroundings.

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