external condominium lift

We manufacture and install lift cages guaranteeing safety and quality.

We have built an external lift for a condominium located in a historic building in the center of Venice.

The construction of the lift was necessary to remove architectural barriers and to improve the mobility of condominiums, particularly the elderly and handicapped.

The lift was placed outside the building so as not to occupy space inside the building.

The lift’s supporting structure is made of galvanized steel, a strong and durable material ideal for outdoor applications.

The lift cage is made of galvanized steel profiles, dimensioned and manufactured according to current standards. The cage has its own independent structure and static behaviour, which guarantees the safety and stability of the lift.

The roof and covering of the lift are made of curved glass, moulded to size. The glass is tempered, a material that gives it greater strength and safety.

The aluminium and tempered glass finishes blend harmoniously with the style and architectural language of the existing building, giving the lift an elegant and modern appearance.


The lift project was developed in cooperation with the building’s architect. The goal was to create a lift that would meet the needs of the apartment building and integrate harmoniously with its surroundings

In designing the lift, we took the following considerations into account:

  • Safety. The lift was built in accordance with current safety regulations.
  • Accessibility. The lift was designed to be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.
  • Aesthetics. The lift has been designed to blend harmoniously with its surroundings.

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