Terrace Sofas

At the request of a theatre, we realized a series of modular outdoor sofas, made of stainless steel and painted aluminium, with foam cushions and covered in eco-leather.

The sofas are designed to be versatile in layout, so that they can be adapted to the needs of space and use. They are also durable, easily stackable and transportable.

These features make them ideal for creating a relaxation area for actors waiting for an appearance, as well as for audiences waiting to watch films at the film festival.

The sofas are made of high quality materials, which guarantee their resistance to weather and time. Stainless steel and painted aluminium are corrosion and wear-resistant materials, while foam rubber and faux leather are comfortable and durable.

The cushions are padded with foam rubber, a material that guarantees high comfort. They are also upholstered in faux leather, a durable and easy-to-clean material.

The sofas are easily stackable, which makes them easy to transport and store. They are also lightweight, which makes them easy to move.

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