Realization of metal and glass components.

The project was ambitious, as it involved the realization of a series of design elements, while complying with all current regulations for public facilities.

When we received the request from the Ca’ dei Gelsi hospital, we were immediately enthusiastic. The project was ambitious, but also very challenging.

On the one hand, we had to create design elements that were aesthetically appealing and in line with the hospital’s image. On the other hand, we had to comply with all current regulations for public facilities.

Our goal was to create design elements that were both beautiful and functional, and that could improve the quality of life of the people attending the hospital.

To achieve this goal, we worked closely with the hospital’s designers. We discussed their goals and requirements together, and developed solutions that would satisfy both parties.


We realized the internal main access stairs, made of steel and glass. The structure is irregularly shaped, inclined at various levels on angled walls with steel cladding. The staircase has a distinctive diamond-cut appearance, without neglecting all the safety and quality requirements of the regulations in force.

We also realized the executive area, with the creation of a mezzanine, glass and steel parapets, glass and aluminium office partitions, and a steel staircase.

We also made the interior furnishings, with metal and glass parts (tops – food trolleys – benches) for the bar area and reception desk, a central chandelier in the lobby, and sculpture supports.


The fire escape created for the Ca’ dei Gelsi hospital is a unique and innovative design element. It is made of galvanized steel coated with natural aluminium, a material that guarantees strength and durability.

The staircase has a sinuous and irregular shape, reminiscent of a diamond cut. This design gives the ladder an elegant and modern appearance, but also a high degree of functionality.

The staircase is equipped with a number of safety devices, including a tempered glass railing and a stainless steel balustrade. These devices ensure the safety of people in the event of a fall.

We also made the parapets of the common-use terraces and individual rooms, made of galvanized steel and glass. We also realized the fencing and gates, the ventilation grills, the edging of the flowerbeds and paths in the park, and the benches made of aluminium and wood incorporated into a structure of the same material to support climbing plants.

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