Craftsmanship at the service
of art and culture, a heritage that must
be displayed safely in accordance with regulations.

Our contribution in setting up this prestigious exhibition in a prestigious palace in Florence, with the creation and installation of display cases that comply with the strictest SAFETY and CONSERVATION standards dictated by European regulations.
We have brought our experience and reliability to the service of culture, creating solid and long-lasting structures, guaranteeing the maximum protection and safety of the objects on display.

We use materials of the highest level and fine finishes, we work with extreme attention to even the smallest detail, and each stage of workmanship is constantly monitored by our specialized technicians.

The display cases realized have fully met the requirements. They have been manufactured with high quality materials and finishes, and are designed to ensure maximum security and preservation of the exhibits. The use of high quality materials and finishes has allowed us to create display cases that are both safe and beautiful, and that enhance the works of art they house.


Made-to-measure showcases with a metal structure covered in partially back-painted extra-clear glass, opening doors with concealed hardware made by us. TUNABLEWHITE dimmable LED illuminator with customized lens.

The design of the showcases was developed in cooperation with the exhibition organization. The aim was to create showcases that would meet the following requirements:

  • Safety. The showcases had to be made in accordance with current safety regulations to ensure the protection of the exhibits.
  • • Conservation. The showcases had to be designed to guarantee the preservation of the exhibits, avoiding alteration or deterioration.
  • Aesthetics. The showcases had to be aesthetically pleasing and blend harmoniously with their surroundings.

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