59th International Art Exhibition
Ukraine Square

The Venice Biennale 2022 hosted a special project dedicated to the war in Ukraine. The installation, entitled ‘P.zza Ucraina’, was created by a team of artists and architects who wanted to raise awareness of the devastation caused by the conflict.

The project consisted of two main elements:

  • A group of perimeter totems, made of iron and covered in wood, which simulated half-destroyed buildings. The totems were arranged in a circle, symbolising the Ukrainian community resisting the Russian invasion.
  • A group of jute sacks filled with sand, supported by a metal inner structure. The sacks were arranged irregularly, symbolizing the precariousness of the situation in Ukraine.

The construction of the totems was entrusted to our company, which worked closely with the designers to ensure that the installation was faithful to the initial concept.

The totems were made of iron, a strong and durable material ideal for outdoor applications. They were covered in wood to give them a more realistic appearance.

The base of the totems was made of HE beams and sheet metal, buried to ensure the stability of the entire structure.

The jute bags were filled with sand to give them an adequate weight and to simulate the preservation works of art in Kiev.

The installation ‘P.zza Ucraina’ was a great success with the public and critics. It was an opportunity to raise awareness of the war in Ukraine and to show the solidarity of the art world with the Ukrainian population.


The following materials were used for the realization:

Iron for the perimeter totems. It was chosen to give the totems a realistic appearance and to ensure their stability over time.
Wood for the totem cladding. It was chosen to contrast the cold, industrial look of iron.
HE beams and sheet metal for the base of the totems. Sheet metal was used to protect the HE beams from corrosion.
Sand for the bags. It was chosen to simulate the preservation works of art in Kiev.

The choice of materials used was based on the following requirements:

  • Strength and durability.
  • Realistic appearance
  • Symbolic meaning.

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